Landlords Gas Inspection from £95+VAT


Stockwell´s leading provider of boiler services and CP12s

Gas-Inspection is a small, family business, set up in 2001 with the aim to provide customers in Stockwell with easily accessible gas inspections and boiler servicing. Today we have thousand of customers in the area who rely on us to service their boilers or issue Landlords CP12 certificates and we come highly recommended due to our professional, friendly approach and our low prices in Stockwell.

Are your gas appliances in Stockwell safe?

Gas-Inspection provides professional gas checks and our engineer Paul is very experienced and fully qualified to work with gas boilers. He is available at short notice for gas checks and to issue Landlords CP12 certificates. Being Gase Safe registered Paul is kept up-to-date on current standards and regulations and he carries the latest digital equipment to ensure your boiler and gas appliances are safe and efficient. Call us today to book a gas inspection and Landlords CP12 and please note that we leave great discounts to customers in Stockwell who combine a boiler servicing with a Landlords gas safety check.

Low cost, fixed price boiler servicing in Stockwell

Gas-Inspection offers a specialised boiler service and safety inspection at a low, fixed price. Our engineer Paul is trained by the boiler manufacturers and is a true boiler service expert. Getting your boiler serviced regularly is important, since it ensures your boiler is working in a safe and optimal way and it can also save you money on expensive fuel. Call us today to book an appointment for boiler servicing, gas inspections or Landlords CP12s in Stockwell.


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